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QSA Syllabus links:

Senior Years 11 & 12

Business Communication & Technologies

Queensland Studies Authority. (2008). Business communication & technologies (2008) (Authority subject). Retrieved July
26, 2011 from

Business Organisation and Management
Queensland Studies Authority. (2007). Business organisation and management (2007)(Authority subject). Retrieved August 1, 2011 from

Lower Secondary Years 8 - 10
Business Lower Secondary Area Guidelines
Queensland Studies Authority. (2010). Business lower secondary area guidelines (October 2010). Retrieved August 1, 2011 from

Business & Legal Studies Resources:

Hartel. C., Fujimoto. Y., (2010), Human Resource Management (Second Edition) Pearson Australia: Frenchs Forest

This particular book is good for all Secondary grades. It provides detailed yet easily understandable information about HRM practices, ethical issues, employee satisfaction and engagement, technology, risk management, skills shortage etc. It also provides you with case studies to give students or to work on with students about various HR related topics. I found this book very useful and easy to understand when defining particular things.

ASX Schools Sharemarket Game

This is a Free [[Business and Legal Studies#|game]] that can be used to engage students in real world business. [[Business and Legal Studies#|The game]] will:
  • help students to understand how the sharemarket works
  • implement learned business skills to research companies
  • have real life experience to engage in the subject of Business
  • have a better understanding on where superannuation funds are invested
  • Free support via lesson plans available to teachers

Australian Trade Commission. (2011). Austrade (Australian trade commission). Retrievedon August 2, 2011 from
  • Austrade is the Australian Trade Commission website
  • A useful resource for all Business areas and levels of teaching
  • Includes basic tabs with information for exporters, buyers and investors
  • There are a range of videos and current news articles which would help with teaching the topic of Trade
  • Multimedia resources are excellent:

My Future. (2011). Australia's Career Information & Exploration Service - The Facts Retrieved 8 August, 2011, from
- An excellent educational resource for students to interactively research career specifics, such as:
  • Skills required
  • Training
  • Personal attributes
  • Salary
  • Job availability
  • Related jobs
  • Work conditions
  • Duties and tasks
- This website opens up the students perspectives of jobs and broadens the realisation of the endless amount of careers available for their choosing.
- Provides video clips, resources, figures, graphs and key facts in regards to many occupations which the students may be interested in.

OR a simpler version (government website) which also provides career descriptions (as a back up website) - Always have a plan B
Hobsons Australia. (2011). Job Guide Retrieved 8 August, 2011, from

biz/ed located at :is a UK website that has a vast array of resources to choose from:

  • Blogs are numerous and may give many ideas on different areas of your business teachings
  • The web site has a "learning centre" that organises information into streams
- Accounting & Finance
- Business Studies
- Economics
- Marketing
- Human Resource Management
  • Each content area then also contains:
- Learning activities
- Lesson plan suggestions

Bloomberg Business Week

Bloomberg, L.P (2011), Bloomberg Business Week, Retrieved 1 August 2011 from

This cite is simply a data base for articles and journals by accredited authors discussing a myriad of business topics. It can be used as a teaching resource to learn new concepts and gain information, and it can also be used by students as references for assignments within business. An example of an article is, "How to Write a Winning Business Plan" - ideal for teaching students about business structure. The cite also contains information on Finance (company, economy, industry, real-estate, stocks), Technology, Innovation, Management (business schools, leadership, team management, case studies), Small Business (sales and marketing, policy), and global issues.

Civics and Citizenship Education

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. (n.d.) Civics and Citizenship Education. Retrieved on July 30, 2011 from,9295.html
  • Excellent resource for teachers, students and parents.
  • Includes information, teaching and learning activities, digital resources etc.
  • This would be a valuable site for Business Education Y8-10, BOM, BCT and Legal Studies

Discovering Democracy Units
  • Web based teaching units on Australian democracy.
  • The Downloads tab is especially useful for teachers with lots of PDF files to download with great information and activities. All the downloads are organised by year grouping (lower secondary, middle secondary etc.) and then also organised by topic
  • This website has also provided extra information and alternatives for ESL
  • The web based units originate from a book which can be purchased and depending on the year level there are related CD-ROM, videos, case studies and posters.

Eight Hour Day
  • An interesting site with lots of information, videos, pdf downloads and photos.
  • The Resources link is GREAT! It includes a long list of websites that are useful for a number of topics that are covered in all Business and Legal Studies courses. Topics such as Work-Life balance, unions and new technologies and the changing face of work are included in the Resources list.
  • This site and the listed links on the Resources page are of importance to all Business & Legal Studies subjects and can be used throughout all the year levels.

LavaMind provides strategy and business simulation games. There are free trial versions of the games, as well as paid full versions:
  • Gazillionaire
  • Zapitalism
  • Profitania
To supplement your core business curriculum, students can play these games to learn practically about:
  • learn how to build a successful company
  • target sales growth
  • expand operations
  • learn about the stock market
and generally learn about business, economics and entrepreneurship.

Business Studies Online - Break Time

Murray, A. (2011). Business Studies Online - Break Time Retrieved 8 August, 2011, from
  • This is a great site for students to access in their spare time or as an extended activity for excelled students
  • The activities provide a business focus and gets the students to learn about general business practices in a fun and enjoyable way as a reward
  • I have seen students utlise this site, and they absolutely love it. (They can't wait to finish their lesson work, because they know they will be able to play some educational games on this website

Rich Kid, Smart Kid

Kiyosaki, R.T (2001), Rich Kid Smart Kid: Give Your Child a Financial Headstart, TechPress: USA

An Australian bestseller, this book is a great read for all business and finance teachers. It offers great principles (both inspiring and practical) into how today's teenager can begin budgeting, investing, and saving toward a financially abundant life for the future. This book prepares a student for the real world and provides an insight into how today's student thinks and learns best. Armed with this knowledge, you can help your students achieve their full potential in business and in life.

Teaching Kids Business is a US web site located

Although there is limited "reday to use" material with regards to lesson plans, or activity sheets, under the "Teachers Resource Centre" tab, the web site has:
  • various business definitions
  • case studies
  • ideas for activities

Teaching Students TAX
Australian Government, (2006), Your Introduction to Taxation: Students Resource, Retrieved 20 May 2011 from

Produced by the Australian Taxation Office, this resource shows students that, no matter which occupation they undertake once leaving school, they will always have an undergoing relationship with the taxation office. It discusses the underlying issue that governments collect tax from taxpayers in order to pay for the services they provide to the community. It also details information regarding:
  • What is Tax?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • Who should pay?
  • Your rights and responsibilities/tax obligations
  • Superannuation

The Coffee Shop Game
This site offers numerous FREE games for student access to provide an interactive lesson about business. This particular game introduces students to the concept of Business Management through opening up a Coffee Shop. Through a range of different exchanges and situations, students start with $30 and must make as much money as they can in 14 days. This has proven to be a fantastic opener to the concept of business management and the students always get involved and competitive.

The Times 100 is a UK based web site with Business teaching resources located

This site splits information under a number of headings:

- Marketing

- People in Business

- Finance

- Business Environment

- Strategy

- Operations Management

  • Under each of these headings it has various resources
- Lesson suggestions
- Teaching guides
- Lesson PPT
- Case Studies
  • The site also containes Quizzes which may also help as a learning resource.
  • Real Case studies are also available. Youth courts train local teenagers to serve as jurors, judges and attorneys, handling real-life cases involving their peers
Top 10 free education resources for Business Education and Economics

Win as Much as You Can

This interactive game introduces students to the concepts of business exchange and effective teamwork. It takes approximately 1 hour (and thus, ideal for an introductory lesson into business). The game requires two teams of 8 players - any extra players can be incorporated as helpers/associates. The game is, as the title suggests, about winning as much as you can, with the underlying principle that the team that works most collaboratively and cooperatively together will acquire the most money/points.
All that is required for this activity are pencils and the point-scoring template which can be obtained from the site: