Welcome to the secondary wiki for sharing great teaching resources

The wiki will have a number of pages associated with either curriculum areas or other cross displinary ideas.

Your job is to add, delete, edit or modify the entries for currency. You can add details of texts, video's, CD's or websites. In fact any resource that would be useful in the classroom with students or the teacher has part of their Professional Development.

Each resource should have bibliographical details (APA) and 2 - 5 sentence annotation. Your annotation could include items such as: the year level, subject, topic, information or activities, what you like about it, suggestions for use.

Getting Started

  • Click on the subject on the left hand side of the screen.
  • This will enable you to view information provided to date
  • Hit the edit button (top right) to make changes, additions or deletions

Evidence of your contributions

  • Click on the History tab (top) and you can see the edits you have made click on the 1st and last items and you can get the specific details of your modification
  • Print this out and submit for you assessment

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above (top right corner) to learn more about how to use this wiki.